August 21, 2010

Suddenly Newest Suddeners!

Suddenly thanks everyone who has been very supportive to us. If you have purchased suddenly's item, you can take pictures while you are using it, send them to us and we'll upload it in The Suddeners' Album

Tarja Rue is wearing Lust Necklace :)

Cecilia is wearing Ziggy Zdarlight by Ziggy
this t-shirt is special case made only for her :)
killll nobita, dora zdarlight!

Mo.Onster Seb with Ziggy Zdarlight :))

Cecilia 'Stitch" in Grim Reaper Origin 1 T-Shirt

Tatiana Romanova with suddenlysudden's
ghostmaster prize #1
{ lemi + suddenlysudden's ghost girl's bag}

Tatiana Romanova with suddenlysudden's
ghostmaster prize #2
{ lemi + suddenlysudden's flolady top }

Ziggy vs Ziggy :)

Ms. Daysz in Fake Sassy Girl Tank Top

The real Fake Sassy Girl on Fake Sassy Girl Tshirt o.O
Thanks Iphit for the Marv. Picture :D

Jeung Iphit melet melet with Ziggy Origin 1 @ Bukan Bazaar :))
- jakarta -

Mamih "Dedey" Devil in Evil Kuya >:))
- Jakarta -

Audrey in [ Ziggy Zdarlight Origin 1 ] \(@_^)/
- France -

Lady Muli Ong with Ziggy Bag by Ziggy in Bukan Bazaar
(pic is taken from Ziggy's blog)

Iyan in Grim Reaper Origin 2 T-Shirt

Tanti in Kuya Petir T-Shirt

Mr Yan Mursid is wearing Suddenly Suffocatum Ties

Miss Endah is wearing FloLady Origin 1 tank-top
-pelabuhan ratu-

August 9, 2010

Suddenly Fake Sassy Girl

Once upon a time, there was a sassy girl
who once thought she had a happy life.
But years went by and it turned out that life's a bitch
and happily ever after is as fake as Pamela Anderson's boobs.
She then decided to end her life and live as a zombie.
When someone asks her if she's happy,
she breaks her jaws and grins and says... "never been better".

Available in white tank-top (all size) IDR 95.000 or USD 11
and white t-shirt
(sizes: xxxs, xxs, xs, s, m and L) IDR 100.000 or USD 12

to purchase our products,
please leave a comment on
your chosen t-shirt, or
text us to +62812 811 48909,
or email us at

Available also at Koloni Mall Of Indonesia