November 21, 2013

Suddenly Skeletonic Amulets: Sugar Skulls

 sugar skull1

 sugar skull2

 sugar skull3

 sugar skull4

 sugar skull5

sugar skull6

Sugar Skull
IDR 100K or USD 11 (exclude shipping)

A unique pendant in a shape of sugar skull, inspired by Mexican's The Day of The Dead or Dia de los Muertos, made of real bone. Well, not human bone, but ox's. 

It will make you more unique as you wear it, and also can be a beautiful and special gift for your friend.

Hand-carved manually using a small drill. The size is 3 x 3 cm

November 6, 2013

Suddenly The Art of the Deads Exhibition

 These are the amazing dark artworks made by Suddenly artists for The Black Ceremony. 
And they're all for sale!
email us to for price and more info.

 Hendra Bhakti

"Six from the Book of Occult Images"

Okult, berhubungan dengan paranormal, dan hal-hal yang gak bisa dijelaskan... perayaan hari kematian, dilakukan untuk mengenang anggota keluarga yang sudah meninggal..dua hal itu berbeda, tapi terasa berhubungan. Oleh karena itu, dipilih 6 gambar okultisme yang yang saya anggap mewakili kedua hal tersebut..

Bhakti,sometimes known as skeleton in sudddenly sudden, is also work as a freelance graphic designer. he likes coffee and banana fried in the afternoon

 Dedy Det


Wicked while alive, vengeful after death. They return for you, bearing gift of sufferings, an invitation for the living to enter the realm of the dead

 Nurul Kusumaningrum

"The Losing Soul"

The losing soul merupakan ilustrasi yang terinspirasi dari suatu ritual pelepasan jiwa seorang perempuan suku pedalaman. Dimensi tiga wajah yang berkarakter bias berbaur antara satu dan lainnya mengekspresikan suatu pergolakan asa diambang gerbang kebebasan jiwa terlepas dari wujud raga seorang anak manusia.

Nurul Kusumaningrum was born in Salatiga and began drawing at the age of six. Nurul is a 21 year old Architecture student currently studying in Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP), Semarang. She primarily illustrates in pencil, where she creates delicate yet unusual drawings.

 Odilia Fenny

"The Puppet Master"

About someone who had a powerful needles that can resurrect & controlling the deads with their strings.

Odilia fenny is also known as Smokie Ghost and one of the founder of Suddenly Sudden. She is also a graphic designer and a digital artist who loves to explore photoart digital manipulation, mostly in dark art themes. 

 Tatiana Romanova

"Requiescat in Pace"

In the face of mortality, the only certainty you have is its inevitable coming to all living things. An unwanted happening for most, awaited for some. It's absoluteness is a humbling reflection, a reminder of our authentic human self, of our limited time, whether or not we choose to make peace with it.

Tatiana is also known as Ziggy Zdarlight and also a full-time graphic designer with a restless itch to make honest visual expressions of ideas, whether it's in the form of graphic design, illustration, or any other entities.

 Septian Fajrianto

"Terikat II"

Sebuah visual yang menjelaskan secara sederhana, arti sebuah keterikatan. Keterikatan antara kehidupan dan kematian, awal dan akhir, yang dilambangkan oleh bayi dan tengkorak. Juga bagaimana kehidupan dan kematian yang selalu ada dan mengikat dan tidak bisa dihindari oleh siapapun juga.

Septian Fajrianto, mengawali karirnya berkecimpung di dunia seni rupa dan iustrasi dimulai pada pertengahan tahun 2011. Selain aktif sebagai visual artist, saya juga mengawali karir di dunia seni rupa sebagai Founder, yang merupakan media/portal menggambar online bagi teman-teman yang ingin berbagi dan berdiskusi tentang karya seni rupanya. 

Blackenthered & FloLady

"The Death Nearby"

I'm looking for the death nearby
Did you see any of it passing by?
i'm waiting for the closest goodbye
while the saints are waiting for me to come by.

Ochie and Yola are twinsisters who share the same passion in art. They like to mix illustrations with poetry.

Yola Blackenthered is the Black Grim, one of the founder of Suddenly Sudden and also a freelance-illustrator as well as a full time mom of her daughter Berlin “Rory” Laureline.

Ochie is also known as the FloLady and has published a book titled A Tale oF Crestfallen. She is Cinta Bahasa’s School Director and Co-Founder.

November 5, 2013

Suddenly Skull Amulets

 Cat Skull
made to order
made of antler
3x2 cm
IDR 150.000 or 17 USD (exclude shipping)

 Dog Skull
made to order
made of antler
3x2 cm
IDR 150.000 or 17 USD (exclude shipping)

 Goat Skull
made to order
made of antler and buffalo's horn
4x3 cm
IDR 150.000 or 17 USD (exclude shipping)

 Lizard Skull
made to order
3,5 x 2cm
made of antler
IDR 150.000 or 17 USD (exclude shipping)

Raven Skull
made to order
made of antler
5x2 cm
IDR 150.000 or 17 USD (exclude shipping)