May 20, 2009


Suddenly thanks everyone who has been very supportive to us. If you have purchased suddenly's item, you can take pictures while you are using it, send them to us and we'll upload it in The Suddeners' Album

The One and Only Flowery Ochie
With the special customized flowery choker entitled The FloLady

*this item is not for sale, requested by Miss Ochie*

Lovely Miss Endah with Alice's Black Ribbon

Yasser the God is wearing Ziggy

Sweet Pretty Michelle in Canada is using Alice's Black Ribbon necklace
thx michelle and om rob for the pic ;)

Ervinna is wearing Kuya T-shirt, shoot with the real Evil Kuya :P

Muli Ong is using GhostGirl's Frozen Blood Necklace:
"i taste her blood in my mouth, oh poor Ghost Girl"

Muli Ong is using Grim's 3rd Wing earrings:
"i hold the Grim's wing, so he'll fly never"

Flolady and Ghostgirl tshirts are worn by mirrored Barbara in Slovenia.
Thx Barbie!

Om Rob the angelic jigsaw is wearing
the grimreaper tshirt in Canada.
looks cool on you, om rob >:D< Sexy Pretty Michelle in Canada is using Goripen's RedDice necklace
thx michelle!

fk ljuba Uri is wearing Kuya tshirt in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
one was taken in Mihalek patisseri
the other one at Old church area
both in her lovely hometown Ljubljana
she even feed kuya some ice cream!

Flolady Ochie is wearing GhostGirl's Frozen Blood Necklace

Moja Ljuba Ureee is wearing Necklace of Lust....
Such an adorable Vampire muahahahaha Ubbit o.O

Spanky Queen, the pretty and Sexy Rozalija
is wearing Lust Necklace...
*spank spank spank!

Did Evil Kuya kill Grace?

Dear Oceanus wearing Evil Kuya .. Get ZZZaaapppp by Lightning :P
Photo edited by Oceanus ....

Richard "Bittersweet" in his Banshee T-Shirt :))
- USA -

Flolady is wearing Flolady :D


Elvira said...

suddenly you are on my blog list

SUDDENLY! said...

thx froggy princess!

Tatiana Romanova Surya said...

BRAVO suddeners!!! <3