April 7, 2012


R.I.P Our Kunyin
the Krazy Killer Kat.... 
2007 - 2012

Kunyin was a fat mischief maker! He was a big inspiration to Smokie and Grim!

He was a food-lover, and he could actually said "kiiillll" and "mauuuu".
He was fluffy and evil, but also loveable.
He followed Smokie's Mom from the market when he was just a kitten.
Smokie & her Mom immediately fell in love with this cute cat, they decided to adopt him.
But not long after that, they realized that Kunyin was actually Damien in a form of cat!
Made him perfect as Smokie's pet!

we love you Kunyin! We'll miss you
See you in hell, boy! :((((

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